Sibiu îs a compact city, with relatively short distances between extremities. It îs recommended that one visits the old city on foot due to the short distances and the beautiful local architecture. The local public transportation în Sibiu îs ensured by Tursib, a company under the guidance of the Local Council of Sibiu.
There are 20 bus routes inside the city and 2 bus routes connecting the city with the adjoining villages.

Bus route map for download (JPG, 590 KB)

The fee for a ticket îs 2 lei and it can be purchased from the ticket vending machines, ticket booths or Tursib Agencies.

Ticket vending machines
Recently installed în three major bus stops (Railway Station, Cemetery and the Museum of Natural History), the vending machines represent a quick and efficient manner to purchase tickets. They allow the purchasing of 1 to 4 tickets simultaneously and they work with coins of 10 or 50 bani or bills of 1 or 5 lei.
Tursib ticket booths:
V.Aurie, P-ta Rahovei, P-ta V.Aaron, Compa, Nufărul (B-dul Coposu),
Universitate, P-ta Cibin, Magazin “Plus” (Sos.A.Iulia), Obor;

Tursib address:
Str. München, nr.1
Telefon:+4 0269 426 100
Fax:+4 0269 210 771



Suggestion: use only cabs which displays the transportation license, the prices and are using taximeters.

TAXI 924

+40269/924; +40269/444444; +40758/924924

TAXI 942

+40269/942 ; +40724/242942 ; +40766/242942

TAXI 953

+40269/953 ; +40735/539953 ; +40766/953953

TAXI 949

+40269/222222 ; +40269/949 ; +40742/200222

TAXI 963

+40269/963 ; +40740/000963 ; +40720/963963

PFA/ Danciu Florentina


PFA/Boariu Aurel - Werke von Dispatcher -953