Târgul de Crăciun
This year edition: November 20-December 26
First edition: 2007
Organizer: Fundaţia Austria Pro România

The Christmas Fair will open its doors for the eighth time to all inhabitants of Sibiu and tourists from Romania and abroad. The Christmas Market is a celebration of winter traditions and will be opened until December 26. The project "Colors of Christmas", which was initiated last year, comprises five weekends with various concerts.

The beautiful fairy tale-like houses will attract tourists and inhabitants with goodies, presents and handmade Christmas decorations. There will also be a wooden handcarved manger set up on the Large Square. The festive lights will complete the fairy-tale feeling of the Christmas Market. All children are expected to try out their skills and creativity in the Santa Claus Workshop. They can also choose to spend magical moments in the Santa Claus Village.