Feeric Fashion Week
This year edition: 16 - 21 July
First edition: 2008

Feeric Fashion Days is the most important fashion festival in the country and the only one held for six days in a row.

The fusion of various art forms reveals the particularities of all designers coming from all around the world and characterizes the peculiarities of FFD. For its sixth edition, FFD will bring to Sibiu designers, artists and photgraphers from all the four fashion capitals Paris, London, Milan and New York as well as Spain, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Rusia, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia.

During the six days of the festivals visitors can enjoy fashion shows, photography exhibitions, video projections and other unconventional events.

The events will take place in several unconventional public spaces and the highlight of FFD will be the Feeric Gala. The gala will be held during the last two days of the festival on the Small Square and the foot bridge will be designed in an extremly creative way.


Web: http://www.feeric.ro



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